Maintenance of the courtyards

Maintenance of lawns, gardens and courtyards

Maintenance of a garden is an important, permanent and necessary process to make it look perfect! A nice and beautiful garden requires time for attention and care. Grass is nice and green when it is taken care of daily and it needs work and efforts to be nice, green and soft. Mowing has certain standards and requirements and it vary according to the type on the grass. Important elements are watering and fertilizing of the lawn. We offer - Maintenance of the garden 4 times a month. Upon conclusion of a maintenance contract, you will take advantage of big discounts.

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Planting Tuya, shrubs and ornamental plants

Hedge is a really convenient and beautiful way to surround your outer fence. Trees of these hedges are evergreen and give the garden its freshness all year round. They can be used for internal decoration such as partitioning of pavilions, pools, walkways and other landscape solutions. Natural vegetation that wants their care as prunning, watering, fertilizing, weeding and spraying against pests. We offer planting and hedgerow of selected Tuya - Emerald, Piramidalis, Fastigiata and others.

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Planting and grassing of areas with grass

Planting grass is a difficult and long process that requires a lot of time and effort. It needs preparation, view and description of the place of grass. Also it needs an initial soil preparation, then leveling, leveling and planting seeds, but the process does not end here! Here begins the most important: maintenance and proper treatment of the field to turn into beautiful and green area.

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