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"Villa Garden" Ltd Varna is a company that specializes in landscaping and maintenance of properties with parks, gardens and yards, maintenance of private, family pools, building and maintenance of irrigation systems, building and maintenance of landscape lighting, plant protection.


Our mission is through the provision of professional services in the field of landscaping, maintenance of green areas and comprehensive management of komplesksi, houses, villas and apartments, to create reliable partnerships with property owners in the territory of the districts Varna and Sofia. We strive to make their lives easier by providing complete solutions for the landscape and the maintenance of the property. In its activities, we are guided by the following basic principles:

Proven experience

Our employees are trained and gained certificates in the field of horticulture, fruit growing, application of pesticides, fertilizing, etc. Our experience, work and dedication have earned us the trust of hundreds of clients across the country.

Consummate professionalism

We arrive at the well maintained, marked and well equipped vehicles. Our uniformed technicians respect your home and property and efforts in the work, as if it were theirs. You'll find our team of courteous, knowledgeable and ready to help your lawn, property and other property with the necessary care and professionalism.


Participate in regular training and seminars. Our technicians use the latest practices and equipment that helps us to achieve your goals more sustainably and efficiently.


After the work of our employees in property leaves no traces of their presence. The waste that we cut and assembled, do not fall into the containers for domestic waste, and relate to regulated landfills for biowaste. If they are edible, donate the farms specialized in breeding of animals.

Our commitment

Over the years, "Cottage Garden" Ltd. has proved, as a trusted partner in the field of landscaping and maintenance of green areas and estates. We are your long-term partners in support of residential and residential and green areas. We maintain investment in your property for years to come.

"Villa Garden" Ltd. became a synonym for the maintenance of the villas, houses and complexes with parks, gardens or courtyards. Our experience and systematic approach allows us to achieve excellent results, to bring you satisfaction. We are fully committed to providing professional property maintenance to its customers. For you to enjoy a pleasurable experience. This is our commitment.


"Villa garden" LTD

"Villa garden" LTD

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